*Don Jose Vasquez Borrego y Dona Josefa de Imperial

Juan Jose




*Manuela Vasquez Borrego y Juan Antonio de Vidaurri

Ramon Macario

Jose Fernando

Jose Ignacio


Jose de Jesus

Jesus Maria Lorenzo

Rita Ana Veronica

*Jose Maria Margil y Josefa Borrego Sanchez

Juana Maria Vidaurri Borrego Sanchez y Santiago Vidaurri y Valdez

Veronica Mariana


Maria Bincencia


*Francisco Vidaurri Borrego y Rosa De la Cruz

*Pedro Jose Vidaurri Borrego y  Maria Theodora Valdez


Maria Petra

Maria Rita

Jose Damacio

Francisco Antonio

*Santiago Vidaurri y Valdez y Juana Maria Vidaurri Borrego Sanchez




*Pudenciana Vidaurri Vidauri y Patricio Milmo O’Dowd


*Patricio  Milmo Vidaurri married Laura Hickman Morales. Their marriage produced five children: Patricio, Jose, Tomas, Josefina and Laura. Patricio married a descendant of Juan Zuazua and from this branch, we have Milmo Hernandez. Jose married Barbarita Garza Madero; from here, we have the Milmo Garza Maderos. Tomas married Berta Zambrano and from this marriage, we have Milmo Zambrano and Milmo Santos. Laura married Emilio Azcarraga Vidauretta; from this branch, we have Azcarraga Milmo. Josefina married Eduardo Mascarenas – from this branch we have, Mascarenas Milmo.


Sara Milmo Vidaurri’s first marriage to New York banker Eugene Kelley did not produce children neither did her second marriage to Harold H. Reeder of New Orleans. Family history mentions that Harold was so enamored of La Mesa that he asked Sara to leave it to him in her will. Fulfilling a family legacy, Sara left La Mesa to her three nephews: Patricio, Jose y Tomas Milmo Hickman.


Santiago Vidaurri Milmo was an adventurous young man, who believed in modern convention. The legend at La Mesa is that one rainy evening he and his girlfriend chose to go down la cuesta on horse back. His horse slipped on rocks and fell; landing on top of him, crushing his body. They brought his body back to La Mesa where he was pronounced dead on arrival. He left no natural children. His request was to be buried alongside his grandparents, as a child he never tired of listening to the many tales of his illustrious grandfather, El Caudillo del Norte. His girlfriend never recovered from his death and never married.


Leonor Milmo Vidaurri married Frank O’Hart Kilgallen; this union produced two children: Leonor y Patricio– Leonor married Dr. Alfonso Eduardo Guerra and their marriage produced eight children: Alfonso Jr, Nora, Maria Josefa, Maria Beatriz, Francisco, Maria Elisa, Patricio and Maria Guadalupe Guerra O’ Hart. Leonor was also the keeper of the family secrets, and the owner of the historical archives that were confiscated by the state of Nuevo Leon- they were to be kept from public view for the first one hundred years after Dn. Santiago’s death-something that did not occur.


Jose Milmo Vidaurri was murdered at La Hacienda de San Juan near Ciudad Victoria, Tamualipas. He also never married and left no descendents. Jose had been 2nd to the youngest of the boys and had doted on his younger brother Patricio.


Pudenciana Milmo Vidaurri had been a lively and vivacious young woman. She married Prince Albrycht Wocjciech Radziwill in 1896, however before they could conceive a child the prince met with a premature death due to illness, Pudenciana had been madly in love with her husband and inconsolable, she never remarried

Birth order:

Santiago – 1858
Sarah – 1860
Jose Patricio  – 1862
Patricio Francisco Antonio -1863
Pudenciana- 1872
Leonor – 1888