I see pictures of la Hacienda and I get home-sick.  I have not been to visit in the last two years, and realize how much I miss being there.  I miss my chummy conversations with the Milmo Garza twins, our long-walks together, especially before our departure back to civilization.  I have several pictures that I will share with all of you in due time.

This is basically the family room, my cousin’s Alberto & Liz have patio furniture, the family and guests gather around in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.  Some of my favorite moments are at meal-times, everyone meets in the dining room and discusses the days activities.

This is also the spot where the children and I sleep, when it’s too hot to sleep indoors.

I know I’ll be back, and I can’t wait to hear the sounds of the birds singing their morning melodies. (My cousin keeps having work done to la mesa, this picture reflects the ongoing work)