Tio Santiago Vidaurri y ValdezDn. Santiago Vidaurri y Valdez left behind a prosperous and financially sound State, Nuevo Leon, MX.

Monterrey, NL, MX is the capital of industry creating countless of jobs for the people residing there or lucky enough to get there from other parts of Mexico.

He established public parks, colleges, schools, palaces, stores and factories.  He considered these institutions paramount to the future of a unified Mexico.

He also established trade with foreign countries and the United States, he left behind hope and prosperity. If you go to WikiPedia they give credit to the Juaristas for this, this is what I mean by Santiago being kept out of Mexican history, he is the one that established trade with foreign countries and the United States, and he is not even mentioned.  This is the one good thing about Ronnie C. Tyler’s book, it explains how Santiago turned Nuevo Leon into the capital of industry for all of Mexico.

Naturally he wanted to separate the Northern States from the rest of Mexico, they were being governed by corruption from both the liberal and conservative parties. He only did that as a last recourse, before the French invaded.  I don’t blame him not one bit.

What did Juarez and the men that came after him leave behind? I’ll tell you what they left behind, they left behind corruption and poverty, they left behind a mess of what could have been a great country.

As some of you may recall in a previous entry, I did say that Juarez did some good for the people, but the bottom line, Mexico is still a mess and that is what he left behind, the proof is in what he left behind and you can’t count his statues as prosperity.