This is a special post.  My dear cousin Jose Felipe de la Pena Vidaurri did not only embrace me as part of his family, but he shared many stories that his mother Ramona Vidaurri shared with him. Not to mention the countless documents he gave me.  He knew that I would continue sharing our family history with those of us that are still searching. I knew I had this and had meant to post, but with all of my paperwork was unable to locate it until recently.

A special Thank You to Benjie Castrillo for once again translating another important family document. I still get teary eyed when I read about our ancestors thoughts, actions and later on I will post the Spanish version of this document.

Jose Fernando de Vidaurri (Borrego)  

To The Public

Dated: November 20, 1806

Filed: May 24, 1910

Recorded: Vo. 59, p. 226-29

Deed Records: Webb County, Tex.

In the name of God Almighty and his Holy Mother Mary, conceived in grace, without original sin, let it be known by this – my last will and testament and written memory – that I, Jose Fernando de Vidaurri, finding myself gravely ill, but being of sound mind, memory and understanding, do firmly believe in the mystery of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three distinct beings but only one true God and in all the beliefs and doctrines of the Holy Roman Church in whose faith I do hereby make a public declaration that I have lived and expect to die in that faith. And thus the Lord our God forbids or allows for temptation by the devil or serious illness when near death or at any time. I declare and shall say or show, by this divine faith, that I do probate and order this testament, my last will, in the following manner:

Item 1. First I request that my body, upon my death, be interred in the Church of this town (Laredo) with a simple and very humble burial without any pomp: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 2. I command that three masses be said for my soul, the first for our Lord of Esquipula, the second for our Lady of Agualeguas, and the third for our Virgin of the Cueva Santa: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 3. I command that two reales be given as mandatory gifts to the municipal charities for the aid of the poor: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 4. I declare that for a long time I had business dealings with Father Roque Jimenez and he owed me the sum of one hundred thirty dollars, but to my knowledge he did not arrange for the College to settle this claim, nor had I determined if they left something arranged to settle this matter.

Item 5. I declare ……………on the road to San Ignacio (?)

Item 6. I declare …….prepare….. I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 7. I declare owing………….. have requested their services ……. and Laredo and I have not…………….. I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 8. I declare owing a Tithe of one (peso?): I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 9. I declare owing for nine masses for the lost souls: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 10. I declare owing four reales to Mister Jose Davila: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Page 2

Item 11. I declare owing six pesos to Mister Juan Salinas.

Item 12. I declare owing two pesos to Martin Juarez.

Item 13. I declare owing thirty-two pesos to Captain Ramon (Diaz de Bustamente): I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 14. I declare owing fifteen pesos to Father Capellan (Jose Manuel Perez).

Item 15. I declare owing seven and a half reales to Manuel Garza: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 16. I declare owing two (pesos?) to the heirs of Mister (?) Vidaurri, my brother: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 17. I declare owing a young bull which I killed to Margil (Jose Maria), my brother: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 18. I declare owing ten reales to the widow Mariquita.

Item 19. I declare owing ten reales to Teodora Izaguirre (she was married to someone named Tomas Sanchez and later to one named Jose Maria Elizondo).

Item 20. I declare owing twelve reales to Josefa Pulido.

Item 21. I declare owing eighteen pesos to the mortuary house of Alferez (Mateo?) Talamantes.

Item 22. I declare owing seven pesos of reales to Ventura de la Garza and in addition another small amount which I don’t remember the exact amount but it is valid since I signed for it with my own hand (it was paid by Francisco Borrego to Ildefonso Garcia).

Item 23. I declare owing Marcos Villarreal three pesos and four reales: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 24. I declare owing fourteen reales to Mister Jose (Antonio) Diaz: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 25. I declare owing ten pesos to Mister Bartolo Martinez’s mortuary house: I declare this in order that it may be recorded.

Item 26. I declare owing twelve pesos to Jose (Miguel) Gil’s mortuary house.

Item 27. I declare owing ten pesos to the deceased Ochoa’s mortuary house.

Item 28. I declare owing six pesos to Lieutenant (Manuel?) Lafuente.

Item 29. I declare owing fourteen pesos to the Corporal of Military, Jose (Santiago) Jesus Sanchez.

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Item 30. I declare owing sixteen pesos to Mister Blas Gutierrez’s mortuary house

for unpaid rent of some cows which I had received from Mister Basilio Martinez.

Item 31. I declare owing ten reales to Prajedes Sanchez.

Item 32. I declare owing six pesos to Teresa Cuellar

Item 33. I declare owing two pesos to Corporal (Rafael) Ordonez.

Item 34. I declare owing four cows to the deceased Encarnacion Vidaurri, my daughter, may they be delivered.

Item 35. I declare having in my livestock twenty five cows and one bull belonging to Rafael Trevino; twenty cows and the bull are being rented by Josefa de Jesus Vidaurri, for which she owes twenty pesos due in April 1807 the incoming year, since she did not pay the ten pesos from the year before. And I have the five remaining of the original twenty five, for which I will pay from my account, twenty reales, and the five cows will be delivered in the same month. (Accounts were adjusted on the first of April 1809).

Item 36. I declare Valentin Juarez owes me a young mare.

Item 37. I declare Antonio Juarez owes me one peso of reales.

Item 38. I declare it is my wish that on the nineteenth of March a sung mass be dedicated to Saint Joseph. Let his rosary be displayed and the necessary fires be lit for the soul of Captain Mister Jose Vazquez Borrego, my deceased grandfather.

Item 39. I declare that the cattle found on my ranch are mine. They will have my sign and are marked with the number 3 on the jaw and even though many do not carry my sign, they are still mine. Tomas Riojas will be able to verify this since he knows them well.

Item 40. I declare being the legitimate owner of some tame and untamed mares which are among the string of horses owned by Francisco Borrego. There are two red horses, one having a bridle rein and the other a false rein. And all the said animals have my brand except for two, one roan colored horse which has the brand of Francisco Borrego and the other a reddish colored one which has the brand of Mister Luis Ramirez.

Item 41. I declare owning the Corralitos Ranch and all its pastureland which was given to me in the year sixty six (1766) by my deceased grandfather, Mister Jose Vazguez Borrego. At the time, I was living on my lands in El Pato and in the month of September he sent for me by people in his employ. He removed the families living on his ranch, from his pastureland and from all his other lands leaving them to me free and clear. That’s how I came to occupy these lands with the consent of my said grandfather. I lived many years with him in Dolores as his authorized agent and served him until his death. He raised me until the year seventy five (1765) until I left to get married, which amounted to forty happy years together.

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Item 42. I declare that upon my grandfather’s death, he left specific instructions that no one take from me the ranch and pastureland. He left various certifications to this effect with his executor and priest which were recorded. It was his wish to give me his ranch and pastureland during his lifetime.

Item 43. I declare having been married to Lady Alejandra Sanchez (Uribe) for forty one years, according to the rites of the Holy Mother Church. We had ten children as follows: Alejandro, Fernando, Ildefonso and Manuel, this last son died leaving three. The females are Manuela, Encarnacion, Luz, Fabiana, Josefa de Jesus, and Leonor, this last daughter died unmarried. Encarnacion died while married and left one son, Santiago (Navaira), leaving four still living and three of which are married. I declare them my legitimate heirs.

Item 44. I declare that the property received from my wife was a herd of mares and one hundred goats. By choice, the goats were replaced by twenty-five mares, which were combined with some of mine; she then sold this herd to a military captain from Parras, named ______ Fernandez. In addition I received six cows from Captain Tomas Sanchez as part of her inheritance. These cows along with a complement of thirty of my cows were given to her when she intended to leave me. I beg forgiveness but I tried to please her and I do not owe any more. And as will be revealed, I gave her more than I was owed and I have a clear conscience concerning this matter.

Item 45. I declare that upon my father’s death my siblings decided to sell two parcels of land containing one thousand varas each located in Saint Bartolo, in the Province of Revilla (today the city of Guerrero, Tamaulipas). The lands were sold for one hundred pesos which was divided among eight heirs, however I did not receive my share from my paternal inheritance (there are seven siblings and a grandson)

Item 46. I declare that from my maternal inheritance I have not received anything worth even one penny.

Item 47. I declare having selected and named as my testamentary executors Josefa de Jesus Vidaurri and Francisco Borrego whom I order under their jurisdiction of conscience to settle all the claims I owe. This task is to be carried out as quickly as possible without wasting any time and making every effort to pay all that I owe, starting with the sale of all moveable assets so that my pastureland may be inhabited by my heirs. Everything that remains should be divided equally and enjoyed fully by my heirs with the blessing of God the Father, God the Son, the Holy Spirit and of mine as well.

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My motive for memorializing this document as extrajudicial is in consideration that my assets may not be sufficient to pay all of my debts. Had I made it judicial it would have been more costly and reduced the amount necessary to pay my debts.

This done in the City of Saint Augustine of Laredo, the twentieth of November one thousand eight hundred and six (1806), in order that it may be documented this is my last will and I have declared everything I own. I sign this for the record.


Jose Fernando Vidaurri


Item 48. Additional item: I declare that my wife delivered to my control two ………