First you need to determine what part of Mexico or Texas your branch is from.

There were 4 original heirs that received the majority of the latifundo. Everyone received a portion, but that was determined by Don Jose and the portions were not equal.

*Fernando Vasquez Borrego  resided in Texas and Mexico. He ended up with the majority of the Latifundo on the Mexican side and lost it in a dispute that you will find mentioned in A Family Mexican Empire by Charles H. Harris.

Jose Fernando Vidaurri Borrego resided in Laredo, Tx.

Jose Maria Margil Vidaurri Borrego resided in Laredo, Tx and parts of Mexico – his children could be in either location.

Francisco Vidaurri Borrego only lived in Musquiz, Coahuila. So if you are from there you should research La Villa de Santa Rose, it’s the only church and 5 generations of my mother’s family was married there, starting with Francisco Vidaurri Borrego.

Ramon Macario Vidaurri Borrego left after a dispute with his brother Jose Fernando and there is no further documentation on him.

The other remaining Vidaurri children resided in Laredo, Tx.  Only Francisco Vidaurri Borrego and his family stayed in Mexico, including El Viduarismo: Santiago Vidaurri y Valdez and his family. Francisco’s branch includes Long Vidaurri,  Milmo Vidaurri, Vidaurri y Villasenor etc.

Those are the places your search should begin  and look for the books in my bibliography page. Our cousin Jose Felipe did an extensive search, as he is from Jose Fernando Vidaurri Borrego’s line and he updated it regularly whenever he discovered new information.

If you read Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4 and Book 5 you will have all of your questions answered as to the names of all of Don Jose’s children and grandchildren, names of his haciendas, dates, size of latifundo etc.

If you buy any of the books I mention you will have all of the information I have with regards to our mutual family.

My mission was to connect myself to the Vidaurri Borrego’s of Musquez  and I did it with the help of the people I mention in my About Page.  It was easy for me since my 2nd great grandfather shared the same name as Governor Vidaurri y Valdez, everyone who  researched Governor Vidaurri y Valdez had my information and graciously  gave it to me.

I did not have to continue to do research, I was lucky.  But I did research how the Mexican side of the family lost our inheritance and how we came to prominence.

I basically love our mutual family history and if anyone want’s to share their tree I will gladly post it for you on a separate page: My branch is Ortiz Vidaurri, as that was the last time we carried the name, through my grandmother.

With that being said, everything that I know is mentioned in this blog.  I hope you find it helpful.

My best,

Cousin Anita