Ronnie C. Tyler - Santiago Vidaurri pageRecently last week I found an accusation that is completely unfounded and once again I found myself swearing like a sailor.

I’m sorry, but I take every negative comment against Dn. Santiago Vidaurri y Valdez personally and will defend him come hell or high-water, I don’t care who you are or what proof you claim to have.

The accusation was that he tried to have Benito Juarez assassinated and failed.  First of all, if Vidaurri had made such an attempt I can assure you he would not have failed as he would have put the bullet in him himself, Vidaurri would never have allowed another person to commit the sin, much less hide behind another.

The reasons why this is unfounded?

1. Vidaurri on more than one occasion pardoned men for betrayal and spared lives, i.e Lazaro Garza Ayala and Ignacio Commonfort among others.

2. Vidaurri did not believe in wasting human life, and provided safety and protection to those less fortunate ,i.e. allowing African slaves to enter Mexico and sending back The Texas Rangers when they tried to invade Mexico to retrieve  the runaway slaves and severing the hand of an unruly solider instead of killing him.

3. Vidaurri was not hot-headed and focus was in keeping Mexico safe, he refused to escape to safety until he made sure that Juarez was secure in office after The French Intervention.

I have never been a big admirer of Ronnie C. Tyler’s Biography of Vidaurri, but now I am grateful that he did not romanticize him. If Viduarri had tried to assassinate Juarez, Tyler would have written about it, he did not glorify Vidaurri or paint him as a hero, but wrote the cold hard truth of a man that had a lot to do with frontier politics and the Civil War.  Tyler’s book isn’t 100% accurate as he did not have complete access to  all personal letters or the book of correspondence between Juarez and Vidaurri, or the rest of the archives. There are isolated circumstances as  to why Vidaurri  joined Maximilian,  and he only chose Maximilian  when Juarez made it impossible to do otherwise.

The argument I have with The Juaristas is that they do not give Vidaurri proper credit for the prosperity of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and defeat of the Conservatives. I also don’t like the back-stabbing Juarez conducted on Vidaurri and forcing him to choose sides between the corrupted Liberals and Conservatives, not to mention the French.  The truth is that Vidaurri was the only Mexican Historical politician that did not abuse his power and was against corruption of any kind. He continues to be maligned to this very day by ungrateful Mexican historians, politicians and everyone else too ignorant to educate themselves on the Truth About Mexican History.

On Page 14, Chapter One of his book he mentions the event that was distorted by The Juaristas on Wikipedia. I am posting it here for your reference.  It states that Vidaurri’s son Indalecio was hot-headed and that Vidaurri allowed Juarez to flee unharmed. We must remember that no one was allowed in Nuevo Leon with weapons, Juarez and his men had been un-armed and assignation would not have been difficult.

Personally, I would not be upset if this accusation were true, what I find deplorable is the accusation itself, especially without proof.

All of my sources are listed on my bibliography page, where are theirs?

For anyone trying to malign Vidaurri’s memory, I ask you to present your sources, I want the title of the book, name of the author, page number and link to where my cousin and I can purchase it.

If you can give me that information just maybe we can have a conversation.

Otherwise, shove it!