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I asked  Benjie Castrillo to translate two family letters for me,one from the Emperor Maximillian and the other from  Empress Carlota,  after the death of Juana Maria Vidaurri de Vidaurri. The original letters are archived and stored away, this translation was made possible from a copy that was given to me by my cousins Patricio Milmo Hernandez and Patricio Guerra ‘O’ Hart. Thank you Benjie!

(Maximilian Letter translation)

My Dear Counselor Vidaurri

We have received the letter that announces the cruel blow that wounded you as a result of the death of your noble wife.

We certainly understand the pain that you have suffered as a result of your loss and it has hurt us as well. It has hurt us (illegible) the part we had at your misfortunes

Your courage we do not question, you conducted yourself with dignity and firmness and your character is at the heart of men who we appreciate even more.

We have already delivered orders to the chairman of the assembly of the State (illegible) where we propose the amount of the allowance which should ensure the destiny of your children.

With the assurances of benevolence

Yours affectionately

(signed) Maximilian

Chapultepec January 12, 1866

(Death Notice)

The 14th of December At 10:05 P.M.

Deceased in Monterrey, the Lady Juana Maria Vidaurri de Vidaurri

Christian Souls, my prayers shall be for thee

For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth…yet in my flesh I will see God…that is my hope which lies in my heart. Job: XIX

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies. John: XI

He is not God of the deadbut of the living. Matthew: XXII

The King, by whom all live, come and worship.

Invitatory Psalm for the Funeral Mass

Three hundred days indulgence applicable to purgatorial souls, for each of the above verses

(Carlota Letter translation)

Chapultepec Palace January 12, 1866

Lord Counselor

With deep feeling I have been informed of the misfortune that has just befallen you and I know how cruel this event should be for your heart. Providence has also subjected me to a painful ordeal and I also have a very recent experience of how painful it is to lose those whom we love.

However we have the consolation of religion to revive our courage and teach us not despair. As for the future of your children, you should not doubt what the generous heart and care of the Emperor.

Please receive the assurances of my benevolence. (Signed) Carlota

State Councilor D. Santiago Vidaurri