This blog is dedicated to my illustrious ancestors and my dear cousin Jose Felipe de la Pena Vidaurri.  Without the help of Jose Felipe, Miguel Munoz Borrego, Patricio Guerra, Patricio Milmo, Alberto Milmo, Leticia Cardenas, Jose Antonio Esquibel, Terry Guerra Tamez , Irma Cantu and John Inclan I would not have been able to fit myself into our mutual family tree with such ease and as quickly as I did.

Our family history helped shape and form Northern Mexico and South Texas – we were one of the first founding families of  Northern Mexico –   and I admit I am in love with my family history.

The words fail me to describe the pride I feel in sharing the same bloodline as Dn. Santiago Vidaurri – he always did what was right, ethetical and morally correct for the people of Northern Mexico, he stood up for a country and gave them his voice.  Twice he declined the offer of the Presidency and was treated unjustly for his unwavering comitment to the welfare of the people.  He did wonders for Nuevo Leon, had he been given more time he would have done the same for all of Mexico.

In Our family besides the wealthy hacendado there were 4 Mayors, 2 Governors, a Princess and a Billionare….and many notable attorneys and millionaires.

I spent years gathering material, you will find accurate dates, names and locations of people and places – all I did was create the journey.

A special thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Benjie Castrillo for providing us with more information on the wedding between Miss Pudenciana Milmo Vidaurri and Prince Albrecht Stanislaw Radziwill.

(Mrs. Castrillo is a distant cousin of the Milmo’s through Bernard Milmo, first cousin to Dn. Patricio Milmo O’Dowd.)

This is the story of my family – there were two original families, the Vasquez Borrego and the Vidaurri Borrego – all the names of the children are listed in this tale of love, passion and war.

Welcome to Pasiones Del Passado

Anita Rivas ( Vidaurri Borrego)

P.s This blog is to be used as a source of information only, not to be duplicated or copied in any form.

*Foot Note: The Surname is Vasquez Borrego and overtime the surname became Borrego, dropping the Vasquez.  The Borrego surname was a made up Jewish surname my family adopted during the Spanish Inquisition. The families attached the Borrego  surname to every new marriage alliance, basically the surnames of Vidaurri and Milmo mean nothing unless the Borrego or Vidaurri surnames are attached.  It is the lineage descended from Manuela Vasquez Borrego and Juan Antonio de Vidaurri that carries prestige. If you can connect yourself to one of their 11 children, then you are part of the family.  The Vidaurri’s were from the Bausque Region of Spain, and were not Sephardic.  Legend claims that the King of Spain had 5 illegitimate sons and they had the surname of Vidaurri, three went to New Spain and the other two for parts unknown in Latin America, legend claims they were headed for the same ship departing for New Spain but two of the brothers ended up on the wrong ship by accident.  If you visit Vidaurri, Spain and mention that you are a Vidaurri descendent, they will smile and say, Como Eres Vidaurreta?  This is also the reaction you receive if visiting Northern Mexico and the people are familiar with Mexican History.

Also, no phone calls please as I do not answer calls from unknown callers. Email me with your questions if you have them amrivas@yahoo.com


39 thoughts on “About”

  1. Lucio Vidaurri III said:

    Hi Anita,
    My name is Lucio Vidaurri III, I was born and raised in Laredo and currently reside in San Antonio.I know my family tree goes all the way to Juan Antonio Vidaurri but I know little else about where most of my family is buried. Or what happened to them once they left Los Corralitos. That is a great pic of the capilla where Santiago Vidaurri is buried thanks for that .
    Hope to talk soon

    • Thank you cousin Lucio for stopping by – if you order Los Vidaurri de Coahuila, Neuvo Leon, Tamaulipas y Texas by Jose Felipe de la Pena Vidaurri that might help. He is a cousin of yours. You both are from the branch of Jose Fernando Vidaurri Borrego and Alejandra Sanchez.
      You can purchase the book from Borderland Books in San Antonio or Dallas – ask for Mr. Farias.
      cousin anita

      • Lucio Vidaurri III said:

        Thanks Anita,

        Actually I work with his nephew Jerry de la Pena here in San antonio .I intend on ordering the book today! Can you tell me more about yourself? Where do you live, born and raised ect…
        Thanks Prima,

      • Dear Cousin Lucio,

        I actually live in San Francisco, CA. I am a Vidaurri Borrego through my mother’s side, and 5 generations of her family were married in the same church, La Villa de Santa Rosa in Muzquiz, Coahuila. My sisters and I were born in Santa Clara, CA and raised in the bay area. My father came across legally, when it was easier to do, we were fortunate. Did you find what you were looking for?
        My best,

  2. Hector Garza said:

    Hello I wanted to ask during your research did you find anything on Rita Niaves Vasques Borrego?

    • Dear Hector,

      I apologize for the late response. No, I’ve never come across a Rita Niaves Vasquez Borrego – by the sound of it, seems like she’s a descendent of either Fernando or Macario Vasquez Borrego. When Don Jose re-married he only had one child, a girl. Good Luck. It’s best to start with the town of Mexico they are from and narrow a search date.
      My best,

  3. lydia vidaurri ramirez said:

    hi anita

    my grandfathers name on my dads side was antonio vidaurri all i know is he and one brother one sister were orphans they left mexicio for texas leaving their story and abusive relatives behind my fathers name was macedonio cortez vidaurri his

    moms name lucia cortez vidaurri who were antonios parents and grandparents?

    thank you

    • Hi! I never came across that branch, I would pin-point a date and order the baptismal books sold at Borderland books, but you will need to find out what town in northern Mexico they were from….you can also order the microfilm online at the Church of Latter Day Saints and make inquiries on message boards.

      Good luck!
      my best,

  4. love your words!

  5. Hi! I would like to know if you were able to find a valid marriage certificate for my Great Great Great Grandfather Albino Trevino Vidaurri and Maria Inocente Arcia Garcia. I am having trouble finding proof that he is the father of my Great Great Grandfather Feliciano Trevino Arcia.

    • Sorry Irma,

      I only researched my branch. You may want to invest in baptismal and marriage records targeting certain dates and pin-point what part of Mexico they were from. If they were from Texas, they might be part of Jose Fernando’s or Margil’s family….Good Luck!

      • Thanks Anita for the information. I was able to trace 7 generations back to Juan Antonio Vidaurri and Manuela Vasquez Borrego. I have original marriage and baptismal records for 4 generations back, but I am still missing my great-great-grandfather’s baptismal or marriage record that state his parents were Albino Trevino Vidaurri and Maria Inocente Arcia Garcia even though everywhere I look on the Internet related to the Vasquez Borrego lineage states this fact.

      • But where did your family originate from? Your branch? Texas or Mexico, mine was from Muzquiz – if it was Texas, then it’s either Jose Fernando or Margil Vidaurri Borrego. If it was Jose Fernando you will want to buy the Vidaurri book available at Borderland books in San Antonio, Texas. My cousin Jose Felipe is from that Branch and did an intensive search, I think there is a Trevino Vidaurri branch mentioned. If it’s Margil, try Laredo’s archives… Well for either because they both lived in Laredo, TX. Let me know what you find out. The reason why I was able to trace mine easily is because of the close relation to Governor Vidaurri, everyone had my information and gave it to me based on my 2nd great grandparents names and part of Mexico they were from..

    • My name is Irene Alvarez Ronnow. My grandmother was Donaciana Trevino de Lerma from Tordillo Ranch in Webb County, Texas. They had one daughter, Leonor Trevino Lerma de Alvarez ( Leonor L. Alvarez, My mother) My grandmother’s father was Feliciano Trevino de Arcia married to Julia Guzman. Her grandfather and grandmother were Alvino Trevino de Vidauri and Inocente Arcia. They had 4 or five children ( Feliciano, Seberiana, ? My mother used to tell me stories about El Tordillo Ranch where the Trevinos and children grew up. 951-244-6970, Canyon Lake, CA 92587

      • Okay, you need to buy the family tree guide from borderland books about the Vidaurri’s, your family I’m sure comes from the branch of Fernando Vidaurri Borrego….

      • Irene Alvarez said:

        Irene A. Ronnow,
        I wanted to make a correction to the above name written on March 23, 2014. The wife of Feliciano Trevino de Arcia was Julia Galvan (not Guzman). Feliciano was born in 1835 and is buriedThey were married in Brownsville Texas. Alvino Trevino Vidaurri had five children with Inocente Arcia born in Webb County, North Laredo at the Lerma Cemetery, Historical Site, Tordillo Ranch.I saw his grave when I was a child. They are listed in the 1880 census. Alvino Trevino Vidaurri was also married to another woman in Laredo, Texas (maybe second marriage).
        I have found the history of where they came from very fascinating. Our ancestor lineage comes from Jose Fernando Vasquez Borrego Viidarri, son of Manuela Vasquez Borrego and Antonio Vidaurri. Thank you!

      • I knew your branch came from Tio Jose Fernando. I actually have a copy of his last will and testament that I will be posting in the next month or so.

        Thank you for your input.

        If you write everything out like I have formatted. For the Ortiz Vidsurri branch I will post it for you as a page.

        The same goes for anyone.

        Thank you!

  6. Thanks Anita! My family originates from Jose Fernando Vidaurri Vasuez Borrego. I will look for the book.

  7. I would like copies of birth and marriage records of my ancestors, but don’t know where to begin. Irene Ronnow

  8. Irma Trevino said:

    A cousin of ours was able to find public records at the public library. Most if not all records can be found at St. Agustine Church in Laredo, Texas.

  9. My great grandmother was Victoria Viduarri. She lived in Fort Worth Texas. My grandmother use to tell us alot of stories.

  10. Hello, I had seen some important information on your website and bookmarked it, but now the link is not working. Can you contact wordpress to have it fixed please? Thanks.

  11. Pauline Mary Lopez DeBord (daughter of Joe Lopez, Sr.) said:

    Anita, thank you soo much for this part of history on the family, I have soo many questions as to how we are related to this Vidaurri family. I would love to know more and will continue to follow your blog.

    • Dear Cousin,

      Yes,we are first cousins. Read the blog, and look at the family tree Ortiz Viadurri, it explains how we are part of the Vidaurri family. (Don Jose Vasquez Borrego is our 7th great grandfather, his daughter Manuela is our 6th great grandmother, her youngest son Francisco Vidaurri Borrego is our 5th great grandfather and his son Jose Antonio Vidaurri Borrego is our 4th great grandfather, his son Eligio Vidaurri Borrego is our 3rd and his son Santiago is our 2nd, his daughter Maria Daria is our 1st great grandmother, she is Maria Antonia’s mother, our grandmother.

      Francisco Vidaurri Borrego was also the grandfather of Dn. Santiago Vidaurri y Valdez, the governor and the father of Francisco Vidaurri y Villasenor, the other governor in our family. I encourage you to start at the blog from the beginning and then you will know everything that I know.

      When we finally meet again in person we can discuss, there is too much information to do it by email.
      My best,
      cousin Anita

  12. Angel Garza said:

    ¿Se puede visitar la capilla al publico en general? .. Y si es así, ¿que formas existen para llegar a ella?

  13. Yvonne Gutierrez said:

    Hi my name is Yvonne Vidaurri I was born in San Antonio, Tx. my dad is Juan Vidaurri a very well known political person, my oldest sister is a well known singer & the first poster girl for Jax Beer I’m one of 9 children Juan Vidaurri. I would love to know more of the VIDAURRI FAMILY TREE please thank you.

    • Hi! Juan Vidaurri is probably related to Jose Fernando Vidaurri – it’s important to find out from him more information – also look at my bibliography page and buy the family tree book –
      My best,
      Cousin Anita

  14. Yvonne Gutierrez said:

    I’m sorry I forgot to put my oldest sister name it’s RITA VIDAURRI

  15. Joshue Ramirez said:

    Se puede visitar la tumba del Gral. Vidaurri?, me interesaría hacer algunos artículos, saludos desde Querétaro.

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