I’ve written 5 articles based on my family genealogy that can be found at

Before writing the articles, or short narrative stories I gathered books for research.

Those Books are:

1. A Mexican Family Empire – by Charles H. Harris: This book describes all of the first founding families of Northern Mexico and their business dealings with Los Sanchez Navarro.  The Vasquez Borregos begin on page 19 and ends on page 314 with the mention of my 3rd great uncle – Don Santiago Vidaurri. Cost $150

2. Sabers on the Rio Grande – by Jerry Thompson: A whole chapter is dedicted to my 7th great grandfather Don Jose Vasquez Borrego – Starts on page 13 and page 17 is about Rancho Dolores. Cost $40/50

3. A case study based on Rancho Dolores and Don Jose Vasquez Borrego : This case study mentions the heads of cattle, horses etc that resided on Rancho Dolores, size of property, land grants etc…it was created by a college student studying South Texas. Cost $priceless.  This manuscript was given to me by my dear cousin Jose Felipe dela Pena Vidaurri. by Jean Fish

4. Los Vidaurri de Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas y Texas by Jose Felipe dela Pena Vidaurri: A family tree listing many branches of Los Vidaurri Borrego. Cost: $25/$30 – available at Borderland Books

5. Santiago Vidaurri by Ronnie C. Tyler – a Book that is not completely accurate because it was completed before all of the material could be researched – but there is some great information regarding the Civil War and Vidaurri’s position. $25/$40

6. Correspondencia Particular de Santiago Vidaurri y Benito Juarez by Santiago Roel – a book complied of their correspondence that spanned a decade. $300 plus if there are people that still believe my 3rd great uncle was a traitor it’s because they have not read this book. This book was given to me by my dear cousin Jose Felipe dela Pena Vidaurri.

7. Santiago Vidaurri Los Heros deben morir a tiempo by Francisco J. Chapa Gongora – another detailed account of events that led to the murder of Santiago Vidaurri and the role he played as Mexico’s champion.  This book was given to me by my cousin Alberto Milmo Garza Madero – he had it commissioned as well as the statue in Lampazos de Naranjo, Nuevo Leon.

8. Monterrey en Guerra by Cesar Morado Macias – a compiled book of letters 1858-1865 that give an account of historic events and facts that prove Santiago Vidaurri was a hero!

9. La Region Lagunera y Monterrey by Leticia Martinez Cardenas de Hunt – a compiled book of letters between Santiago Vidaurri and Leonardo Zuloaga – again supporting the fact that Santiago Vidaurri was not a traitor. 1855-1864.

10. Conquest by Hugh Thomas – The best book on Mexican History begining with Cortez.

11. The Buried Mirror by Carlos Fuentes – The best book explaining Latin History.

There are more books – but since I write about beauty products now I would need to dig a little more to locate them all.  I hope this helps for those of us that are looking.

Borderland Books: 210-647-7535 ask for Mr. Farias and tell him the girl from San Francisco sent you!


8 thoughts on “Bibliography”

  1. Hello, I’m researching the life of Charles N. Riotte born 1814 in St. Wendel, Germany. In 1848 he participated in the ill-fated rebellion in Germany and had to emigrate to USA not to get captured. He settled in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas. In 1856 he wrote a letter to his brother-in-law in Germany and told him about his life in Texas. The letter was captured by German police and kept in a German archive. Amongst other things Mr. Riotte wrote that he intended to leave Texas and settle in Mexico. In 1855 he had made a trip on horse-back to Conhuila and “Neu Leon” (Nuevo Leon) to meet General Vidaurreé. He wrote (in German and “sorry” for my bad translation):

    “Anna has told you, that in December last year I left for two Mexican States Conhuila and New Leon. The whole trip – over 1000 miles – I made on horseback, sleeping mostly outdoors at night, the saddle as a pillow, a blanket below me and one above me, and yet I was not a quarter of an hour just uncomfortable, even as my companion and I had to ride the last 10 days against a terrible Northern storm (the coldest, the oldest people remember the) and at night sleep we had to sleep in the open. I will send you with the letters at the same time a sheet of the San Antonio newspaper that contains a memorandum and the contract with GL. Vidaurré, and will you send to the following issues, which will contain my travel report. You can do publish everything, as it seems appropriate to you.

    If you think it over: Mexico was completely closed for immigration until now, only allowed the Catholics to immigrate. Even the Prussian and British legation were not allowed to worship in the public, that the idea of the Homestead, women’s rights at it, the inalienability of Unpledgeable was foreign to the Mexicans, as the fact that once the colonists touch the soil of Mexico, they become citizens, then you may realize what we have achieved with this contract.
    Thus many prepare themselves to go to to Mexico and see the conditions and country and possibly to settle there. During the short time of my stay in Monterrey I became close acquainted with GL. Vidaurreé. He very wished that I should stay and offered me a position under him – $3000 per year. To understand this I have to say, that the commanding generals for the individual States of Mexico are also civil Governors, that but GL. Vidaurreé has been given much authority by the citizen of both national states when he declared his opposition against the President Santa Anna. I really like the Mexican people and even more the country. The location of the city of Monterrey and the climate is gorgeous. If I am not mistaken, I you told in my last letter, I was determined to leave San Antonio anyway, and either to emigrate to New York, France and Mexico. After a quiet and careful consideration, I think the latter is best.”

    Unfortunately the archives didn’t have that newspaper clip with the contract between Riotte and General Vildaurri. Do you know something about it?

    Mit freundlichem Gruss

    Roland Geiger, St. Wendel, Germany

  2. Hello, Anita,

    I tried to contact her but the email came back – there’s something wrong with the email adress. In case there is no other, can you tell me her snail mail adress, then I’ll write her a letter.


    Roland Geiger, St. Wendel, Germany

  3. Hi there! I was doing some research on my family tree and came across the name Santiago Vidaurri by just googling muzquiz, Mexico.

    My great grandmothers name was Angelina (Angelica) Vidaurri. I am not sure if that name is common in that area but it really caught me off guard in a positive way when I came across mr Santiago.

    My great grandmother Angelina Vidaurri was born january 21st 1892 in Muzquiz. She came to San Antonio Texas in 1915. Siblings Juan Vidaurri, and parents (I think but not sure) Jesse Vidaurri and Evangelina Vasquez.

    I cannot find very much information about my ancestry as my grandmother on that side has passed away, and we don’t have any old documents. I hope that I am not naive to the fact that this may have been a common last name in that area, but would be cool to know and or find out if we are somehow related.

    If you have any information I can be contacted at

    Thank you for your time!

  4. Okay, now that I have some time I can respond better. If your grandmother came from Musquiz and her last name is Vidauri, then you are part of the family, which branch? It’s possible that you are from one of the many children of Francisco Vidaurri Borrego. You will have to find out the names of your great grandparents and search through the church of latter day saints and buy books from Borderland Books. The family is huge and pin-pointing is hard with the various children. You may even be part of my tree, but unfortunately you will have to do the research.

    1. Run your grandmothers full name through the LDS website, for birth, death etc and see what comes up. More than likely she was baptized and married at La Villa de Santa Rosa. You can try and get the phone number, it’s the only church in Muzquiz. You can also email my cousin Terry:, she has been researching Vidaurri’s for years and may have something for you.

    My best,

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