Hale Notes

This page should be titled The Hales & the Milmos.  The Hales are related to the Vasquez Borrego’s through Fernando Vasquez Borrego, son of Don Jose Vasquez Borrego and to Fernando Vidaurri Borrego, grandson to Don Jose, and the Milmo’s through an annulled marriage that produced a child: Thomas Hale Milmo.  We don’t know the particulars, but will hopefully figure them out one day.

These are notes regarding the Hales – which are part of the Vidaurri Borrego family.

Rough notes that I have not followed up on:

Peter and James Hale of Temple View

James Hale owned 2,952 acres at Temple Vale, Dromore

Richard Hale owned 866 acres at Easky

Charles Matthew O’Connor, J.P., D.L. for Roscommon, b. 1847; m. 1894 Alice Hale, dau of James Hale of Templeview; She d. 1907; He was the eldest son of Denis O’Connor, J.P., D.L. and Margaret Power, dau of Nicholas Mahon Power of Faithlegg House; Denis (Dennis) was of Mt. Druid.

Need to check John Hampton Hale, Esq.


7 thoughts on “Hale Notes”

  1. Hello,joe hale from Wales,we have traced our family to Hale and Milmo

    • Dear Joe,

      I am thrilled with your discovery. Would you mind telling me how you are related to the Milmo’s and this branch of the Hale’s?

      Patricio Milmo O’Dowd and his brother Daniel were the first two Milmo’s to arrive in Monterrey, MX. This branch is a Milmo Vidaurri branch.

      The Hales were first cousins to the Milmo’s of Mexico, Thomas Hale was part Milmo and his lineage married into the Borrego branch of our family.

      We don’t know which Sara Milmo was the mother of Thomas Hale, his father was the first cousin. If she was the daughter, then there is Vidaurri too, but she was too young. If she was the sister of Patricio then there is no Vidaurri Borrego connection. Maybe there were family stories you heard growing up that were passed down that you can share with us?

      Thank you for reaching out!
      My best,

    • Hi Joe, Anita mentioned your post on her blog and I would like to communicate with you. I am very curious of the Hale-Milmo connection. We have been told that my GG grandfather, James, was from Sligo, Ireland. He supposively worked at the Milmo bank, in Laredo, Texas, where he met Sarah Milmo. According to my great-grandfather Sarah Milmo was his mother. According to the Milmo’s Sarah was a five year old child when my G-grandfather Thomas was born. Thomas was an only child that we know of. We have no idea what happened to his father James or why the Milmo’s raised him.

      Would love to hear from you to hopefully find a Hale connection. We have been trying to find James Hales roots for many years. And what happened to him ….he just seemed to have disappeared.

  2. Hi Anita
    Just seen your reply.
    My ggg Grandfather was Pat Hale one of his brothers was Thomas Hale…it was always known in the Family that the Milmos were our cousins.
    My great Aunt Kate inherited some of the Hale/Milmo estate in the 30s..she emigrated to Australia

    • Hi! Can you tell us more about the Hale/Milmo estate? How were the Milmo’s and the Hale’s cousins? Was Patricio Milmo’s O’Dowds father a Milmo Hale? Or was Sarah O’dowd am O’dowd Hale? I am asking for my distant cousins as they are from the Hale Milmo/Vidaurri Borrego. Thank you! Xxx

  3. Hi Anita.
    My Father was Neil Hale.his father was James Hale and his Father was Pat Hale who was one of 9 siblings one of the siblings married into the Milmo Family.
    The detail is very sketchy…but the family story is a strong one..
    Hope you have a very happy Christmas and a great New Year.

    Joe and Family

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