Milmo Lineage

This page is dedicated to my cousin Alberto Milmo Garza and family & to my cousins Patricio Guerra, Patricio Milmo Hernandez and Sean Milmo.

I do not share the Milmo lineage, but I am related to the Milmo’s of Mexico through our Vidaurri Borrego ancestry.

The Milmo’s of Siglo, Ireland

Darby Milmo married Sarah O’Dowd and although they had various children, I only know of Daniel, Patricio and Sarah Milmo O’Dowd.

Patricio migrated to Northern Mexico and settled in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.  He met and befriended Governor Vidaurri. Their friendship was such that Vidaurri allowed his daughter Dn. Pudenciana Vidaurri y Vidaurri to marry Patricio.

Patricio was a good businessman and invited his brother Daniel to join him in Monterrey. They went into business together and began a railroad company and bank.

Both brothers were extremely close, with Daniel spending his adult life in Mexico assisting his brother and family, he is known as el tio Daniel and his nieces and nephews were  fond of him, he was like a 2nd father to them and was present during the marriage of his niece to the Polish Prince.

Daniel in his 60’s returned to Ireland to form his own family and today we have the two branches of The Milmo’s of Siglo, Ireland.

1. Darby Milmo -m- Sarah O’Dowd

2. Daniel Milmo O’Dowd -m- Mysie Keran = 2. Dermot

-m- Kathleen White = Helenus(buster), Peter, Donel

 2.  (Dr.)  Dermot Milmo  -m-  unknown = 2. Honorable Judge John Milmo

2. Honorable Judge Helenus Milmo  -m- Joan Morely = Patrick, Deirdre, Verity and Patricia

2. Patrick -m- unknown = Sean, Patrick, Patricia

2. Sean -m- unknown = Cahal, Dan

2. Patricia -m- Ben Umunna = Chuka Umunna

3. Patricio Milmo O’Dowd -m- Pudenciana Vidaurri y Vidaurri



We are not sure about what happened to Sarah Milmo O’Dowd, if she had children or if she’s buried at La Mesa de Cartujanos.



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