Vasquez Borrego Family Tree

Diego Vasquez Borrego & Ysabel de Figueroa

Diego Felipe Born 1678

Rosa Manuela Born 1680

*Jose (My 7th Great-grandfather) Born 1682 Zacatecas

Cristobal  born in 1684
For more information: at

My 8th great-grandfather had a second marriage to Ynez Rodriguez Oliver and they had Juan.


28 thoughts on “Vasquez Borrego Family Tree”

  1. Hector Garza said:

    in your research did you ever come across rita niaves vasquez borrego?

    • Hi Hector,

      She might be in the Los Vidaurri book published by our cousin Jose Felipe dela Pena Vidaurri – you can get a copy at borderland books – would he be a daughter of one of the original Vasquez Borregos, like Macario or Fernando? I’ll ask some of our cousins, like Jose Antonio Esquibel or Miguel Angel Munoz Borrego….stay tuned! What part of Mexico was she from?
      My best,

  2. juanita ramos viduarri de baray said:

    I am looking for info.on my grandfather, laureano viduarri,he married refugio silva,i believe in laredo.Thankk you,Juanita

    • Laureano Vidaurri I believe comes from Jose Fernando Vidaurri Borrego. Go buy the book I mention by Jose Felipe de la Pena Vidaurri at Borderland books.

      Thank you!

    • Juanita, do you happen to have birth dates or marriages dates? I have my tree with several Laureanos in it, fathers ->sons.

      Start with this link here and then untangle what you can:

      I’m from Laureano & Estella Garza, if the above is accurate. I do have census records and printed tem out, they’re inmy file. I’ll dig those up and see i they can be of help to you to confirm or deny any info.

      If you know the date & county they got married check the vital records through the county site. They’ll include records lik Marriage, Birth and Death. Some South Texas counties are getting better at digitizing their hard copy records and uploading to the internet via database. Some counties are better than others at this.

      Another avenue for research is the US Census records. Again know the county and a time frame and you can view uploaded pdf documents of those census records. It’ll help you. Brew a pot of strong coffee and put on your reading glasses though. Some of those census takers have terrible handwriting.

      Here is the 1940 Census Laredo, Webb Co:

      Another option is to go to your local county library. Many have added a genealogy room and most have some basic information regarding the more populated Texas counties. Often the genealogy rooms will have a clerk which is versed in this kind of research. Don’t be afraid to ask him/her for help.

      But I suspect you’ll need to drop down to the 1920 Census or search the border manifest before this. You will basically be ping-ponging and narrowing down a time frame hoping to stumble on the names. I wish I could tell you that the research is as easy as Googling a name, but it is not. For this stuff that predates modern technology it is a matter if sifting through books, records & databases – old school research.

      Good luck,

  3. Belinda Lerma McKeighan said:

    Just read your blog. I find it interesting that that the Lerma family pops up here too. My family is from Laredo. My great great grandfather was Antonio Lerma who owned El Tordillo ranch back in 1875. He had two sons Manuel and Gregorio Lerma. Manuel Lerma was my great grandfather, my grandfather was Felix Villareal Lerma and my father was Arturo R. Lerma. There is a lot of information about our family on facebook. If we are relatives please join in. I am currently looking for information about where my great great grandfather was from and who his parents were. Hope to here from someone soon.
    Antonio Lerma is buried at El Tordillo so is my great grand father Manuel and my grand father Felix.


  4. The information I have according to our family tree is that Antonio Lerma had two sons. Gregorio Lerma and Manuel Lerma. According to our records from ancestry and, Natividad was the son of Gregorio Lerma and Romana Martinez. Do you have this information anywhere. Antonio Lerma from El Tordillo was born 1826. Just want to clarify. Either way I think we are related.

  5. Belinda said:

    If you are in Laredo then You can go to the cemetery. Yes Antonio Lerma and Gavina hernandez are buried there along with their two sons and daughter inlaws. There are other Lermas there as well. If you would like to see more about the Lerma family, we are on fb. Lermas from El tordillo is the page name. We have 286 members at the moment.
    If you have any information on Antonio Lerma born 1826 please let me know. We have been researching for him for the past two years and there is not much on him besides Census and land grant info. The reply I had was to someone that said their grandfather was Natividad Lerma. Natividad was the son of Gregorio Lerma and romana Martinez. Gregorios father was Antonio Lerma. Glad you were able to take a photo. We have a big family reunion next month in Laredo.

  6. lermariene46 said:

    How are you? I grew up in Laredo and as a child we would go visit Tio Jose Lerma who was the youngest of the Lermas and who continued to live in the original place where his mom lived at El Tordillo. My mother Leonor Lerma, Natividad’s only daughter born 1924 was born and grew up at El Tordilo. She use to say that the original Lerma family came from Parras, city near Monterrey. There is a lot of information about Parras, Mexico in the internet. I never ventured into Mexico much. I do have several pictures of El Tordillo and La Casa Grande where the pubic school use to be. As far as I know that house used to be Manuel Lerma’s house and he raised his family there. Later it became the social place for dances. It is now a ruin. It was almost intact when I was little. It seems like nobody took time to care for the cemetery or La Casa Grande. The cemetery is a historical site and displayed at the museum in Laredo. That was in 2006 when I went last visited Laredo. I am not familiar with who owns the land now. I know that Attorney Neil who may have passed away bought land from the Lerma’s and rented land from the Trevino’s on the other side of the road. Still has my Mom’s acre. I know that Gregorio Lerma and Manuel Lerma are Antonio Lerma’s sons. I stay up late at night on the computer and make mistakes. Search Parras, Mexico for Antonio Lerma. Please let me know when this reunion in Laredo takes place. Irene A. Ronnow (Natividad’s granddaughter)

  7. Belinda said:

    The reunion is June 6 2015 at the ramada Inn in Laredo. There is a 20$ cover for the meal . It is catered. I can send you the info if you want to attend you still can. The deadline for the money is Friday. Actually the money is to be turned in to Amelia Maritinez she is a cousin from the Gregorio side. I believe her grandfather was Santiago Lerma brother to Natividad. Let me know if you would like to attend and I can let Amelia know. We are also having one November 2016. This one will be in San Antonio. Yes everything you said about the history of El Tordillo is true. The cemetery is there and is maintained by my Uncle Gregorio Lerma and his daughter. Gregorio is the grandson of Manuel Lerma. I believe most of the properites owed by at least our side of the family were sold to Mr. Neil. Not sure who owns what now. I do know that the property where the old school house is still owned by Lermas. Antonio Lerma who was another son of Manuel his family owns it. I have never heard of PArra or any information about where Antonio Lerma was from. My niece and I have been doing extensive research and I am so glad you gave me this info. We are certainly going to look in to it. I can share anything you want on info about the Lermas from El Tordillo. Many of the Gregorio Lerma family have spoken about Tio Jose. If you remember anything else let me know. You can find us on fb under the fb page Lerma’s from el Tordillo. You are welcome to join. would love to see pictures of your family and any you may have of your grandfather Natividad. Myself and another cousin have trees on ancestry and family search. I don’t think we have been in contact with anyone form Natividads family. So how are you related to the Viduarri family from this blog? Are we related to them as well?

    Hope to hear back from you soon. Belinda
    you can also email me at

    • I’m glad all of my distant relations can use this as a form of communication. Wish I was able to travel to Laredo. Have fun you guys and feel free to email me pictures.

      I didn’t get to make it to Laredo for the reunion because I my daughter had a baby on June 6th so I am glad that I was not gone. I am the only one she can depend on for some help. You asked about how I am related to the Vidaurris. Actually it is through my Grandmother Donciana Trevino who married Natividad Lerma. The Trevino Ranch was next to the Lermas and that is how they met and married. I can trace my Grandma to Jose Fernarndo Vidaurri Vasquez Borrego and Maria Alejandra
      Sanchez de la Barrera, daughter of Don Thomas Sanchez, founder of Laredo, and Catarina Uribe Trevino. I believe that I am a descendant of both lines. Thanks to Anita who has invested a lot of time investigating the Vidarri family tree. There are many Trevinos in Laredo as well as Lermas. I don’t know that Lermas are related to these two family lines unless a Lerma married into these families. Did you find out anything about Parras and the Lerma family. There are a lot of wineries with the Lerma name in Parras, Mexico according to a friend that lives in Monterrey. Parras is near Monterry. Please send phone# to THANKS ANITA. HOPE YOU ARE DOING GREAT. GOD BLESS, IRENE

  8. Belinda said:

    Lerma reunion deadline is this Friday Please make contact for it is a catered reunion and final count by Friday. I am not the one in charge of this if anyone from the Lerma family would like to attend you need to contact Amelia Maritnez or Maria Armstrong.

  9. lermariene46 said:

    Thanks for letting me use your account for my messages. I am not a computer expert and still need to learn how the new technology works. I opened an account with WordPress but need to learn more about it and also how to use it. Haven’t taken the time. Can you believe this is one of my problems. I am planning to take a computer class at 68. Hope you are doing great! Irene from CA.

    • Dear Irene,

      Thank you! WordPress is used for blogging, so if you’re going to create a family tree that’s great and good for you that you’re interested in the world wide web, it’s addicting isn’t it? You should get on imstagram, I’m addicted to it.

      My best,

  10. Ben Vidaurre said:

    Hello there yes my name is Ben, I’m trying to look for my great grandfather parents he was born in 1879 he was married to Maria Herrera

    • Hi! I wish you luck in your search. Everything I have is listed in this blog. Make sure to look through it, depending on what part of Mexico or Texas you’re from will determine where you should start looking.

      My best,

  11. I am helping a friend do some research on his Borrego roots.

    I find it interesting that most trees list two wives for Diego Vasquez — Ysabel de Figueroa and Ynez Rodriquez Oliver — as indicated in LeDeane Miller’s work.

    But when you look at this reference: Los escribanos en Antequera (1478-1869)

    It indicates Diego Vasquez married Isabel Rodriquez Ruiz de Olliver, which appears to be a compilation of the two names in LeDeane Miller’s work, and that makes me wonder if this one name somehow got split, and somewhere along the line, one wife became two. I don’t speak/read Spanish, so I may be missing something in the above link.

  12. Forgot to subscribe to the comments! 🙂

  13. Rebecca Borrego Zazzi said:

    Hi! My great- grandfather was Leonardo Borrego. He was born in 1850 and died in 1905. There is a small Borrego cemetery near Elmendorf, Texas where he and other Borrego family members are buried. I don’t know where Leonardo was born. Is it possible that we are also related to Diego Vasquez Borrego?

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